Focus Mfg. Inc. is a Vancouver based manufacturing company, serving mainly local high-tech companies with their requirements for precision machined parts.

 We are fully capable of turn key solutions: from prototyping, through pre-production and into production sized runs. Our customers frequently work directly with us to help optimize their parts for efficient and cost effective manufacturing.

Ideally we work with our customers in the early design stage, but we are also capable of suggesting part or manufacturing changes to production level parts: this is often done when a client wants to produce parts more cost effectively, with shorter lead times, or increase production run sizes sometimes all three. We have completed a number of projects with industrial design firms such as Form3 Design Inc.

Focus Mfg Inc. client list includes a diverse set of repeat customers, specializing in: aerospace parts and tools, medical equipment, laboratory devices, opto-electric and laser scanning equipment, high end mountain bike parts and satellite communications, just to list some of our client's products. Our clients work with us because we offer friendly and professional customer service, have a strong network of related manufacturers that compliment our manufacturing strengths (i.e. plating, anodizing, laser marking services, powder coating, sheet metal fabrication) and provide accurate and on time manufacturing.